Copyright: Olga Martschitsch
Copyright: Olga Martschitsch
Copyright: Olga Martschitsch

Company profile

Allow us to present the FROCK company. Our firm began in 1992 with the aim of becoming involved in theatrical costuming on the basis of the rich experience gained through many years of practice in the production of period dressing in the sewing studios of Slovak television. An average of between 25 and 50 television shows from a variety of historical periods were carried out there per year.

At the outset, such production formed the main subject of our activity, but gradual development and market demand led us to expand our offer to include custom-made sewing for our clients. We began with a small workshop which we expanded over time, and adjusted the firm's premises to the needs of our customers. In a pleasant environment we discuss with them new fashion trends, give counseling, and choose appropriate models of clothing.

In the area of theatrical costuming we provide orders for leading artists for theatre, film and television performances. We understand the styles of all periods in mankind's existence - from the clothing of ordinary people, representatives of the richer social classes through to military uniforms and ballerinas. In addition, we also create stylized costumes and outfits for mascots and fairy-tale creatures. Our clients include theatres, film and television productions, advertising companies, solo dancers and singers.